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Commercial Lifts & Elevators

Commercial Lifts & Elevators

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  1. Access 2000 C-1000 Public Wheelchair Lift

    Access 2000 C-1000 Public Wheelchair Lift

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    The C-1000 is a fully enclosed vertical elevator designed for commercial applications. The design stems from our vision of a reliable, safe, easy to use, and above all high quality means of access in any multi-level public building. Our strong structural steel frame coupled with an industry leading hydraulic drive provides a smooth and comfortable ride. A wide range variety of standard platform configurations, as well as our capabilities as a custom manufacturer allows us to find a solution to virtually any situation. • Spacious 3'x5' platform • 1000 lb (454 Kg) capacity • 3/4" thick laminated cab panels • Commercial non-slip flooring • Direct acting 1:1 hydraulic drive • True 2 speed, weight compensating valve • Industry leading leveling system • In-car emergency lowering • Manual emergency lowering and lifting • Auto-transfer emergency back-up power Learn More
  2. Elvoron CPL

    Elvoron CPL

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    The Garaventa Elvoron CPL is a vertical platform lift equipped with a full height cab and a non-load bearing ceiling. It looks and feels like a small elevator but costs much less. The Elvoron CPL is designed to provide access for people with disabilities in commercial buldings. Simple constant pressure operation and swing door access ensure reliability and ease of operation of passengers. Learn More
  3. GSL Artira Wheelchair Lift

    GSL Artira Wheelchair Lift

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    The Garaventa GSL Artira inclined platform wheelchair lift provides an ADA approved access solution for passengers in wheelchairs and thoses with limited mobility. This wheelchair lift is designed to fit your stairs and can accomodate turning stairways and intermediate landings. The Artira will provide accessibility in residential and commercial buildings. With the availability of many colors and finishes, the wheelchair lift will blend in with many decors. The platform folds up when not in use, requiring very little dedicated space. Learn More
  4. Xpress II

    Xpress II

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    The Garaventa Lift Xpress II inclined platform wheelchair lift is designed to provide economical access between two landings. This lift is perfect for any home or business. It travels on two rails which are secured directly to the wall or to support towers. When the platform is not in use it is folded, taking up minimal space on the stairway. Some features are listed below:

    • Multiple platform sizes
    • Curved safety arms
    • Keyless platform operation
    • Call station controls
    • Under platform sensing plate
    Learn More
  5. Elvoron LU/LA Elevator

    Elvoron LU/LA Elevator

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    The Garaventa Elvoron LU/LA Elevator is a limited use limited application elevator designed for low rise and low occupancy buildings. It is very similar in look and feel to larger commercial elevators. It provides vertical access for everyone. Some features are listed below:

    • 3 standard car sizes
    • Fully automatic push button operation
    • Automatic car lighting upon passenger entry
    • Emergency backup power system for lights, locks and door operators
    • Emergency alarm button
    Learn More
  6. Genesis STAAGE

    Genesis STAAGE

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    The Garaventa Genesis STAAGE lift is a safe, simple and cost effective accessibility solution for low-rise vertical barriers such as stages and podiums. When wheelchair accessibility is not required the lift can easily be wheeled out of sight. Some features are listed below:

    • Platform directional control switch
    • Platform emergency stop/alarm button
    • Automatic access ramp
    • Upper and lower platform gates
    • Call Stations
    Learn More
  7. Garaventa Stair-Trac

    Garaventa Stair-Trac

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    The Garaventa Stair-Trac is a portable wheelchair lift that attaches under most standard wheelchairs and can be used indoors or outdoors. It allows an attendant to easily move a person in a wheelchair up and down stairways with the touch of a button. This portable wheelchair lift is easy to load into vehicles using the optional loading ramp and fits in most car trunks. Some features are listed below:

    • Stable and self-supporting
    • Use on virtually any indoor or outdoor stairway
    • Durable tracks grip stairs securely
    Learn More
  8. Garaventa Super-Trac

    Garaventa Super-Trac

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    The Garaventa Super-Trac is a portable wheelchair platform lift that provides instant, affordable accessibility where stairways are a barrier. The unique platform design accommodates all types of wheelchairs including power, child, sports and conventional adult wheelchairs. The Super-Trac is easy to operate, robust and incorporates many safety features.Super-Trac is ideal for public and residential buildings. Some features are listed below:

    • Operates on indoor & outdoor stairways
    • Integrated non-slip loading ramp
    • Wide, double tracks securely grip stairs
    Learn More
  9. Savaria ES-125

    Savaria ES-125

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    The ES-125 stair wheelchair platform lift is designed for residential use. It's compact folding platform leaves the stairway virtually unobstructed when not in use. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

    Learn More
  10. Savaria V-1504 Vertical Platform Lift

    Savaria V-1504 Vertical Platform Lift

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    Every Savaria V-1504 model is driven by our reliable hydraulic system and can be configured just for your needs. The lift travels up and down a rail system enclosed in the lift tower. The tower is supported with attachment to an existing wall or through a constructed hoistway. Because the drive system is contained within the lift tower, no additional machine room is required for installation.  


    From the finest office tower lobbies to your backyard, the Savaria V-1504 provides accessibility and attractive design.

    Flexible design and feature options: Can be built to suit virtually any home or commercial project from basic to the ultimate in luxury.

    Quiet and reliable hydraulic drive: Smooth start, stop and overall ride that works dependably.

    Machine roomless:  Enclosed drive system means no machine room is required, making the installation process easier.

    Other standard features: Large ADA-compliant platform, continuous pressure button operation, modular rail construction for easy construction, handrail, automatic battery recharging system.

    Standard finishes: Beige powder-coat paint.

    Safety features: Emergency stop button on car, underpan obstruction sensors, non-skid platform, manual lowering device, 42 1/8" (1070 mm) side panels, keyed car buttons and keyed call stations, safety brake, door locks, platform gate.

    Learn More

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