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Cushions & Backrests

Cushions & Backrests

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  1. Jay 2 Cushion

    Jay 2 Cushion


    The Jay 2 Cushion is a lightweight, low maintenance cushion designed for the person at high risk for skin breakdown. Custom cuts and modifications are available to meet specific client needs. Lightweight and low maintenance Designed for the client at high risk of skin breakdown Easily customized to accommodate specific client needs Firm foam base is contoured to provide optimal pelvic positioning Variety of secondary supports, plus easy customization address both fixed and reducible orthopedic deformities More than 2 inches of Jay Flow fluid contained in the seat well conforms to bony prominences, providing maximum pressure distribution and reduction

    Learn More
  2. Corbac Backrest

    Corbac Backrest


    Adjustable tension = control, comfort and protection. Lightweight At 1.75 pounds, the Corbac™ weighs little more than standard back upholstery. When combined with the Forward™ cushion, the total weight of the Ride seating system is under 4 pounds. Precision fit Easily adjustable thoraco-lumbar-pelvic (TLP) supports and straps provide near infinite adjustment of posterior and lateral contours. Reduce heat and moisture buildup The layered spacer mesh overlay promotes air circulation and wicks moisture from the back surface. Protect skin The Corbac safely supports the pelvis and trunk, while reducing pressure and shear at the spine and sacrum. Versatile A quick and easy mounting system that takes seconds to assemble on to the wheelchair. A cinch to clean The overlay detaches easily and can be machine washed Learn More
  3. BBD Cushion -  M Series

    BBD Cushion - M Series

    Starting at: CA$325.00

    The single-chamber BBD cushions are designed similarly to the first Ken McRight BBD cushions offered as early as 1951. Our single-chamber models are still the cushions of choice used by thousands of individuals requiring a high degree of pressure relief. The smaller models have six ventilation holes while the Model MD features nine ventilation holes. Check out our new design, the MDV, which has a 6" V cut-out that can alleviate pressure sores in the tailbone area or any tailbone related pain. The price is for a kit that includes cushion, cover, air pump, & patch kit. Learn More
  4.  BBD Cushions - D Series

    BBD Cushions - D Series

    Starting at: CA$385.00

    The dual-chamber BBD cushions are designed to be used by individuals requiring more stability than the single-chamber design. The extra stability is needed by persons who drive while sitting on a wheelchair cushion and persons with active pursuits. Our dual-chamber cushions provide slightly less pressure reduction than our single-chamber designs. Dual-chamber cushions are designed to help with positioning – one chamber can be inflated more than the other when needed to help tilt the pelvis. The price is for a kit that includes cushion, cover, air pump, & patch kit. Learn More
  5. BBD Cushions - R Series

    BBD Cushions - R Series

    Starting at: CA$325.00

    These BBD models are specialty cushions designed for specialized needs – such as individuals using smaller-framed wheelchairs, wheelchair athletes, persons using three-wheelers or scooters and other applications. The smaller rectangular cushions fit popular children-sized chairs and smaller sports chairs. The round cushions are often used on scooters or for special padding. The price is for a kit that includes cushion, cover, air pump, & patch kit. Learn More
  6. BBD Cushions - W Series

    BBD Cushions - W Series

    Starting at: CA$325.00

    These popular BBD cushions feature a large ventilation slot in the center. Some individuals who use these models report using the slot for catheter routing. These cushions provide pressure relief similar to our other single-chamber models (M Series). The W Series models, like Series M models, feature an easy-to-use tube mounted valve design for easy inflation. The price is for a kit that includes cushion, cover, air pump, & patch kit. Learn More
  7. AL Series Positioning Back Supports

    AL Series Positioning Back Supports


    Our AL Series Back Supports are designed to give as much or as little trunk support needed through two different contours. Available In The Following: Chair Widths: 10″ (25cm) through 20″ (50.8cm) Support Contours Active 2.5” (63.5mm) ~ HCPCS code E2613 Deep 4” (100mm) ~ HCPCS code E2615 Extra Deep 6″ (150mm) ~ HCPCS code E2620 Support Heights: Low – 10″ (25cm) Medium – 13″ (33cm) Standard – 16″ (40.5cm) Tall – 18″ (45.7cm) XTall – 20″ (51cm) Aluminum Shell Weight = 38.36 oz / 1088 g (approx. weight of 15” wide, standard height shell, cushion and cover) Compatible with 2-Point Pro and Quick Release mounting systems LATERAL SUPPORTS ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST Learn More
  8. CF Series Back Support

    CF Series Back Support


    Experience the benefits of our CF Series Back Support; an ultra lightweight seatback designed for active individuals in lightweight wheelchairs who realize the importance of proper seating, while demanding the lightest and strongest components available. Available In The Following: Chair Widths: 13″ (33cm) through 19″ (48cm) Support Contour Active 2.5” (63.5mm) contour Deep 4” (100mm) contour Support Heights* Low – 10″ (25cm) Medium – 13″ (33cm) Standard – 16″ (40.5cm) Carbon Shell Weight – 27.44 oz / 778 g (approx. weight of 15” wide, standard height shell, cushion and cover) Compatible with Fixed Elite, 2-Point Pro and Quick Release mounting systems LATERAL SUPPORTS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST Learn More
  9. Varilite Evolution Wave Cushion

    Varilite Evolution Wave Cushion


    The VARILITE Evolution is the cushion of choice for wheelchair users with a high risk of tissue breakdown and symmetric positioning needs. Therapists recommend the Evolution for individuals with motor and neurological dysfunction due to spinal-cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and traumatic brain injury. Therapists value the Evolution’s outstanding pressure distribution and postural support. Users and caregivers value its low weight, comfort, and ease of use. No pumps or accessories. No kneading or manipulation. Superior pressure distribution, positioning stability, comfort and simplicity have made the Evolution our most popular wheelchair cushion. By adding VARILITE’s innovative PSV (Pressure Setting Valve) we’ve made the Evolution PSV even better, taking the guesswork out of cushion adjustment. VARILITE Air-Foam Floatation makes the Evolution ultralight, without compromising pressure distribution and support. Functional areas of the cushion are created by three types of foam: soft foam for the decubitus-sensitive area of the ITs; medium foam for the thigh trough, pelvic bucketing and pre-ischial bar; and firm foam for the perimeter and the medial thigh separator. Learn More
  10. Varilite Icon Back System Low

    Varilite Icon Back System Low


    The Icon™ Back System Low is an ideal lightweight solution for users needing lower trunk support and the full adjustment capability of a larger style of back. The upper body is unimpeded, which allows full range motion of the upper body and trunk, and improves Activities of Daily Living. The shell curves around the sides of the body for mild lateral support, while the accompanying enhanced rollover cushion protects the user and provides maximum comfort. Built with the user, caregiver, clinician and technician in mind, the Icon™ Low Back System provides the best solution for those who demand fast installation, adjustment versatility, and simple operation. The Icon™ Low Back attaches to the wheelchair using adjustable VariLock™ hardware, and includes a VARILITE® air-foam flotation cushion for superior comfort. Operating the system is as easy as opening the caps and sliding the back support out of the hardware. The caps stay in an open position until the back is removed, making it simple to remove the support with one hand or limited dexterity. The hardware guides the back support into position with minimal effort and the caps locks securely into place. Orange safety markings alert the user that a cap is open and not in the locked position. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 29 total

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