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Since 1983, JAY has engineered products that provide the optimal combination of support, comfort and protection through progressive design and advanced materials. As industry pioneers, we have commissioned multiple scientific studies, worked with top researchers, and tested our products to exceed industry standards. While our products may look simple in nature, JAY combines science, technology and design to provide superior clinical seating.

We carry the full line of Jay cushions and backrests. If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us.

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  1. Jay 2 Cushion

    Jay 2 Cushion


    The Jay 2 Cushion is a lightweight, low maintenance cushion designed for the person at high risk for skin breakdown. Custom cuts and modifications are available to meet specific client needs. Lightweight and low maintenance Designed for the client at high risk of skin breakdown Easily customized to accommodate specific client needs Firm foam base is contoured to provide optimal pelvic positioning Variety of secondary supports, plus easy customization address both fixed and reducible orthopedic deformities More than 2 inches of Jay Flow fluid contained in the seat well conforms to bony prominences, providing maximum pressure distribution and reduction

    Learn More
  2. J3 Cushion

    J3 Cushion


    The JAY J3 cushion provides outstanding stability and optimal pressure distribution for the client at high risk of skin breakdown, and offers the choice of JAY Flow& fluid or ROHO DRY FLOATATION Contoured, Easy to Modify Base: The J3 features a contoured foam base constructed from closed cell foam. This makes it easy to modify in our factory or in the field. Additionally, an extensive selection of positioning components are available. The J3 provides exceptional lateral and forward stability for individuals with changing needs or unique postures. Customizable Pelvic Loading Area: The J3's customizable Pelvic Loading Area sizes are selected separately from the cushion width. This provides ideal forward and lateral stability, optimal immersion, and weight distribution that accommodate a broad range of client needs. JAY Flow™ Fluid or ROHO DRY FLOATATION® Air Inserts: The J3 may be ordered with JAY Flow fluid or ROHO DRY FLOATATION air inserts, which conform to each individual's shape, adjust to sitting positions, and ensure proper fluid placement beneath bony prominences to help protect the skin from breakdown. The JAY Flow Field Variable option's fluid levels and ROHO DRY FLOATATION's air levels may be adjusted in the field to accommodate asymmetrical postures and changing needs. Multiple Cover Options J3 cushions are available with the choice of three cover options: • Stretch - allows for proper immersion and prevents the increase in pressure resulting from surface tension • Microclimatic - dissipates heat and moisture to keep the surface and the client clean and dry • Moisture/Incontinence-Resistant - helps with incontinence management by protecting the foam base from moisture build-up Learn More
  3. X2 Cusion

    X2 Cusion


    The JAY X2 is a lightweight, maintenance-free, fluid cushion with a reduced profile that is designed to provide stability and pressure relief to active clients. The X2's incredibly lightweight foam keeps the overall weight of the mobility system down for active clients, while its 2.25" profile doesn't sacrifice seat-to-floor height. Its flat base allows the client to sit at the front of the cushion comfortably during daily tasks and activities. A notch at the rear of the cushion reduces pressure over the coccyx bone. Removable 1" lateral thigh supports provide additional positioning. Features a small JAY Flow fluid insert, which conforms to each individual's shape and ensures proper fluid placement beneath bony prominences to help protect the skin from breakdown. Its zero-maintenance design delivers superior results throughout the life of the cushion. For convenience and protection, the JAY X2 features a dual-cover system. The inner cover is water-resistant and easy to wipe off and clean, while its Aqua-guard zipper and anti-wicking thread protect the foam base from fluids. The machine-washable, stretch outer cover reduces surface tension and its zipper enclosure ensures secure coverage. Learn More
  4. Jay Zip Backrest

    Jay Zip Backrest


    The JAY® Zip™ is a lightweight, anti-microbial, and adjustable back designed to provide posterior and mild lateral thoracic support for active kids! Learn More
  5. J2 Series Backrest

    J2 Series Backrest


    The JAY® J2™ Series backs are designed to provide posterior and lateral pelvic stability along with enhanced trunk support. They are lightweight and angle adjustable for easy installation, fitting and removal to fold the wheelchair. - See more at: Learn More
  6. J3 Backrest

    J3 Backrest


    The JAY® J3™ backrest product line offers a multitude of width, height, and contour depth back shells to fit the back to the client. Each back is lightweight and adjustable, with numerous hardware choices allowing for easy installation. Learn More

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