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Ride Designs

Ride Designs

Ride Designs is the leader in the development and provision of unique and highly effective seating systems for wheelchair users representing a broad range of needs from simple to complex. Since 1998, Ride Designs’ success stems from the commitment to a core set of principles. Unlike any other wheelchair seating manufacturer, our products are developed, tested, provided and proven through our own Aspen Seating Clinic. Ride Designs was founded by Joe Bieganek, Orthotist, ATP, and Tom Hetzel, Physical Therapist, ATP. They started by developing the Aspen Seating Clinic and worked with only the toughest of cases where all other interventions had failed. As the Aspen Seating Clinic grew so did the demand on their products and services outside of the Denver, CO area. Ride Designs was created to harness and patent the unique elements of their seating systems and expand access into the broader market. Ride Designs seating systems are now recognized internationally for their ability to manage the broadest range of seating issues, from simple to complex. Ride Designs products, both custom and non-custom configurable, have continued to improve and evolve and are now used by thousands of satisfied customers.

We carry the full line of Ride Design Standard cushions and backrests. If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us.

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  1. Forward Cushion

    Forward Cushion


    The Ride Forward™ Cushion surrounds the pelvis with supportive contours while reducing pressure around at-risk bony prominences. This helps improve postural control without compromise of skin protection. Comfort and protection Top visco elastic layer provides protection and comfort as it conforms to the body shape decreasing peak pressure Even more protection Even under significant load, the spacer fabric outer cover does not compress. This allows air to move between the sitter and the cushion,helping to keep skin dry and cool. Layered construction The cushion contour, spacer fabric outer cover and inner incontinent resistant cover all work together to keep the user and the cushion dry. Inner cover The inner cover really works. There are no seams or zippers in the path of liquid drainage, ensuring the cushion will not absorb moisture. Large accidents or spills simply pour off the back of the cushion. Learn More
  2. Java Backrest

    Java Backrest


    Personalize the contour Personalize the Java contour with the new Flexa-just™ gluteal support stays. Other back supports are flat from top to bottom and attempts to adjust the contour with accessories result in loss of seat depth and compromise of trunk contact and support. The Java back can be flexed specifically to support the unique contours of the user’s body without loss of seat depth and with the most accurate support contact through the pelvis, lumbar and thoracic spine. Light and easy The Java back is lightweight and easily removed from the wheelchair, even with limited hand function. A robust locking mechanism safely secures the back to the wheelchair yet is easy to release. Adjustability Height, depth, angle, pelvic support, trunk balance can all be adjusted independently. Dynamic spring resisted movement Allows up to 7° of movement in the back for comfort, stretching, or for balance when rolling downhill. The movement can be locked out if not desired. Learn More
  3. Corbac Backrest

    Corbac Backrest


    Adjustable tension = control, comfort and protection. Lightweight At 1.75 pounds, the Corbac™ weighs little more than standard back upholstery. When combined with the Forward™ cushion, the total weight of the Ride seating system is under 4 pounds. Precision fit Easily adjustable thoraco-lumbar-pelvic (TLP) supports and straps provide near infinite adjustment of posterior and lateral contours. Reduce heat and moisture buildup The layered spacer mesh overlay promotes air circulation and wicks moisture from the back surface. Protect skin The Corbac safely supports the pelvis and trunk, while reducing pressure and shear at the spine and sacrum. Versatile A quick and easy mounting system that takes seconds to assemble on to the wheelchair. A cinch to clean The overlay detaches easily and can be machine washed Learn More

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