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  1. Java Backrest

    Java Backrest


    Personalize the contour Personalize the Java contour with the new Flexa-just™ gluteal support stays. Other back supports are flat from top to bottom and attempts to adjust the contour with accessories result in loss of seat depth and compromise of trunk contact and support. The Java back can be flexed specifically to support the unique contours of the user’s body without loss of seat depth and with the most accurate support contact through the pelvis, lumbar and thoracic spine. Light and easy The Java back is lightweight and easily removed from the wheelchair, even with limited hand function. A robust locking mechanism safely secures the back to the wheelchair yet is easy to release. Adjustability Height, depth, angle, pelvic support, trunk balance can all be adjusted independently. Dynamic spring resisted movement Allows up to 7° of movement in the back for comfort, stretching, or for balance when rolling downhill. The movement can be locked out if not desired. Learn More
  2. Corbac Backrest

    Corbac Backrest


    Adjustable tension = control, comfort and protection. Lightweight At 1.75 pounds, the Corbac™ weighs little more than standard back upholstery. When combined with the Forward™ cushion, the total weight of the Ride seating system is under 4 pounds. Precision fit Easily adjustable thoraco-lumbar-pelvic (TLP) supports and straps provide near infinite adjustment of posterior and lateral contours. Reduce heat and moisture buildup The layered spacer mesh overlay promotes air circulation and wicks moisture from the back surface. Protect skin The Corbac safely supports the pelvis and trunk, while reducing pressure and shear at the spine and sacrum. Versatile A quick and easy mounting system that takes seconds to assemble on to the wheelchair. A cinch to clean The overlay detaches easily and can be machine washed Learn More

2 Item(s)

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