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Saratoga cycles are the premier line of exercise equipment for persons with disabilities. Saratoga cycles can bring renewed energy to your life. Our Rand-Scot products are manufactured and designed for persons with special needs in mind. As you ease into a regimen of exercise using Rand-Scot's Saratoga products, you will find new energy. Many users report easier breathing and a greater "zest for life" after a brief workout. As your exercise program progresses, arms, shoulders and back can be strengthened and you will gain more stamina to get through each busy day. Since exercise burns calories, you may lose weight - while building needed muscle.

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  1. Saratoga Spirit 690 Selectable arm/leg exerciser

    Saratoga Spirit 690 Selectable arm/leg exerciser


    Saratoga is the first to bring you a selectable arm-leg cycle. Two simple pins let you or your therapy clients choose from arm-only, leg-only, or arm-and-leg cycling. Think of all the advantages. Saratoga lets you choose the kind of workout you want whenever you want to change. Perhaps start today with a five-minute arm warm-up. Snap a pin, and engage the lower, leg crankarms to the built-in flywheel for a few minutes of arm-and-leg exercise. Third, snap a pin to disengage the upper crankarms and pump up your legs. Each change takes seconds without tools. Therapists can select mode after mode, to match patient after patient, session after session. Add to this Saratoga's variety of six QuickExchange handgrips, and you have the most versatile, easy-to-use equipment on the market! Foot plates w/ankle-toe straps included. Pictured with optional headrest and standard handgrips.

    Learn More
  2. Saratoga Cycle

    Saratoga Cycle


    Aerobic exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle and any training program. Build endurance, energy, and muscle tone, control your weight and reduce stress. The Saratoga cycle features four handgrip styles, a padded forehead rest to reduce neck strain and a full range of resistance se

    Learn More
  3. Colorado Cycle

    Colorado Cycle


    The Colorado Sport Cycle™ incorporates many features of the Saratoga Cycle® - such as its main frame and flywheel identical in quality and rugged durability - but is a lower-priced, more basic design for persons who do not need the extensive features of the Saratoga Cycle®. Learn More
  4. Saratoga Accessories

    Saratoga Accessories

    Starting at: CA$120.00

    Also, consider adding our custom-built, fully adjustable height table made to fit your Rand-Scot cycle. Learn More

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