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  1. Urocare Adhesive Remover Pads

    Urocare Adhesive Remover Pads


    For dissolving and removing unwanted adhesive residue from urinary and ostomy appliances and skin. These pads have a fresh citrus scent and are free of harsh solvents, lab tested, non-toxic and for external use only. They may be used with: Medical Adhesives & Tapes, Nitro Patches, Urinary Appliances, Tens Accessories, Tar Removal. Comes in a box of 50.

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  2. Urocare Fabric Leg Bag Strap

    Urocare Fabric Leg Bag Strap

    Starting at: CA$11.57

    Urocare fabric leg straps are designed for use with Urocare latex leg bags. Those who wear our leg bags extensively prefer them over the standard latex straps which are normally packaged with most leg bags. They are more comfortable and don't promote heavy sweating, pressure sores or welts. The Velcro fasteners and elastic sections allow them to be easily adjusted to suit each individuals requirements without promoting blood circulation restriction or bruising. (1 per package)

    • Lower Fabric Leg Strap, Small - 7" thru 13" (18cm thru 33cm)
    • Upper Fabric Leg Strap, Small - 9" thru 15" (23cm thru 38cm)
    • Upper Fabric Leg Strap, XLarge - 20" thru 26" (51cm thru 66cm)
    • Lower Fabric Leg Strap, Large - 12" thru 17" (31cm thru 43cm)
    • Upper Fabric Leg Strap, Large - 12" thru 21" (31cm thru 53cm)
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  3. uroluxr-urinary-and-ostomy-appliance-cleanser-and-deodorant.html

    Urolux® Urinary & Ostomy Appliance Cleanser and Deodorant


    Rinsing alone does not clean a urinary or ostomy appliance and the use of vinegar, bleaches or toilet bowl cleaners only hardens, distorts and damages rubber, latex and plastic parts—not to mention the unpleasant and embarrassing odors often created by the use of these chemicals. Learn More
  4. urocare-urofoam-single-sided-adhesive-strips.html

    Urocare Urofoam Single-sided Adhesive Strips


    Urofoam®-1 single-sided adhesive foam strips are soft, pliable foam strips specifically designed for the unique application of male external catheters to the body and are suitable for use with both standard and self- adhering type catheters. They provide a comfortable, effective way to secure a male external catheter to the body. They are easy to apply and remove so when it comes time to change that catheter, it can be changed easily and quickly. It is recommended that a male external catheter be changed once a day to promote healthy skin, however, with the use or Urofoam® strips, a male external catheter can be held in place for up to three days—results may vary, but it's nice to know that when you need to depend on an adhesive strip, you can depend on Urofoam®. Learn More
  5. urocare-uro-bond-iii-brush-on-silicone-adhesive.html

    Urocare Uro-Bond III Brush-on Silicone Adhesive


    Uro-Bond® brush-on silicone adhesives are pressure-sensitive silicone adhesives specifically formulated for unique bonding applications and are suitable for adhering non-permanent material to the body surface. Features include the retention of adhesive qualities in the presence of moisture or perspiration, their adhesive properties are unaffected by normal temperature variations or time and they adhere to many surfaces such as: skin, metals, glass, paper, fabric, plastics, silicone, organic rubber products, etc. Possible applications for Uro-Bond® adhesives might include, but are not limited to: adhering dressings, prosthetics and metal or plastic devices to the body. Securing male external urinary catheters, adhering colostomy, ileostomy and tracheostomy devices, attaching electrodes to the skin for patient monitoring, affixing surgical dressings and pads to the skin and adhering maxillo-facial prosthetic devices. Learn More
  6. urocare-little-red-valve.html

    Urocare “little red valve”


    This new, self-cleaning, patented, anti-reflux valve prevents back-flow while allowing fast, uninterrupted drainage for problem-free use. Don't settle for urine reflux or back-pressure caused by inferior flutter valves. Nothing beats Urocare's new “High-Flow”Little Red Valve™ for performance, reliability and safety. Replacement anti-reflux valve for use in all Urocare® Reusable Latex Leg Bags and Urocare® Urinary Drainage Bottle. Learn More
  7. urocare-quick-drain-valve.html

    Urocare Quick Drain Valve


    Only a limited amount of finger or hand control is required to operate these valves independently. Finger loops or a crossbar may be attached to te lever for individual requirements—see Figure A. Fits Urocare® Reusable Latex Leg Bags and Urocare® Male Urinal Sheaths only. Made with pliable, white-rubber tubing and plastic—no metal parts to corrode. May be used as a replacement for the Standard Bottom Drain Valve (#6004) included with all reusable latex leg bags and Male Urinal Sheaths. Learn More
  8. urocare-straight-thru-adaptor-with-thumb-clamp.html

    Urocare Straight-Thru Adaptor with Thumb Clamp


    This short, multi-purpose adaptor may be used as a replacement adaptor for the Standard Bottom Drain Valve (#6004) supplied with all Urocare® reusable latex urinary leg bags and Urocare® Male Urinal Sheaths. Learn More
  9. urocare-fabric-leg-bag-strap.html

    Urocare Fabric Leg Bag Strap


    There is an easier way to keep things in their place... Find out how easy it can be to attach your Urocare® latex leg bag with these fabric straps. Their unique design distributes pressure evenly along the length of the strap offering a vast improvement in comfort over the standard latex leg straps while reducing the risk of bruising, pressure sores, pulled hair, circulation restriction and/or burns caused by rubber straps. The self-gripping fastener can engage anywhere along the length of the strap body making the strap fully adjustable to individual requirements. Learn More
  10. urocare-latex-leg-bag-strap.html

    Urocare Latex Leg Bag Strap


    These straps are replacement straps for those normally packaged with Urocare® Reusable Latex Leg Bags or most other latex or rubber leg bags. Learn More

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