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  1. Bearings



    5/16 I.D. x 7/8 O.D. Learn More
  2. Air Compressor

    Air Compressor


    The Cordless Inflator features a high-pressure pump with a cooling fan for safety. The inflator runs with a 12-volt battery and has a built-in pressure gauge that makes reading air pressures for tires simpler. It also features a 15 Amp fuse that helps prevent overheating and comes with a 7.2 Amp sealed lead acid battery for convenient cordless use. Manufactured by Campbell Hausfeld. Features: • 7.2-amp sealed lead acid battery for portability and convenience • 12-volt DC- and 120-volt AC adapters for easy charging • 230 PSI maximum pressure for easy inflation of high-pressure items, such as tires and sporting equipment • Built-in analog pressure gauge makes measuring 250psi air pressure easier • Fuse provides overload protection for safety • Cooling fan give units extended life and reliability Learn More
  3. Quokka® Bag

    Quokka® Bag

    Starting at: CA$105.99

    The first practical mobility bag Fits easy to wheelchairs, walkers, bikes and most other mobility device For detailed information please visit: Quokka® Bag was developed as the first practical wheelchair bag. It attaches to the site of the wheelchair in such a way that it does not make a wheelchair any wider after attaching one of our bags. It also allows the bag to be locked onto the wheelchair with one simple movement. In order to make the idea work Rixen and Kaul from Germany especially developed an adapter for the bag, based on Rixen and Kaul’s Patented KLICKfix® system. Quokka® Bag can nowadays be used on wheelchairs, walkers and even bikes. The Quokka® Bag products are available in a wide range of sizes, to meet each individual’s specific needs and preferences. Learn More
  4. Plastic Tire Levers - 3 pcs set

    Plastic Tire Levers - 3 pcs set


    These levers won't damage the rim, tire or tube. Comes in a set of three tire tools.

    Learn More
  5. Tire Bead Jack - Portable

    Tire Bead Jack - Portable


    This tool will pull the tire beads over a rim without causing any damage to tube, tire or rim. It is made of lightweight construction and is portable.

    Learn More
  6. Bolt-on Push Handles

    Bolt-on Push Handles


    These bolt-on push handles attach to any 3/4" rigidizer bar on rigid
    frame wheelchairs. They extend 10" above the rigidizer bar, and can be
    easily modified to a lower height by cutting the tubing and drilling
    one hole.

    Learn More
  7. Bearings 2

    Bearings 2


    1/2 I.D. x 1 1/8 O.D. Learn More
  8. Frog Shield

    Frog Shield


    Frog Shield Frog Shields are precision machined and anodized, 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, replacements for traditional caster wheel spacers. Frog Shields fit over the wheel bearings to protect them from damage due to debris, water, hair and anything else NASTY. Over time buildup of grit, hair and gunk will chew up and crush your bearings resulting in reduced rolling efficiency. Frog Shields are designed exclusively for Frog Legs brand aluminum caster wheels in sizes from 3" to 6". They will also retro-fit to Frog Legs existing wheels made in prior years. You will love how easy it is to keep your wheels clean. No wiping, no tweezing, no NASTY. Learn More

8 Item(s)

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