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Used Equipment

Used Equipment

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  1. Chair Lifts-used (Various Track Lengths)

    Chair Lifts-used (Various Track Lengths)


     5 B.07 chair lifts various track lengths available.


    Price does not include installation or shipping.

    Contact us for more details.

    Learn More
  2. Multilift (Used)

    Multilift (Used)


    The Multilift is a vertical platform lift, designed for low-rise travel indoors or out. With its durable design, the Multilift is popular for accessing decks and porches even in demanding climates. There are currently 3 used units available in excellent condition. Call for pricing and a free in-home estimate! Learn More
  3. Panthera X Wheelchair

    Panthera X Wheelchair


    By far the lightest and most high-tech wheelchair ever made. Panthera X is completely new construction with chassis and back rest frame made of carbon fibre The carbon fibres fantastic lightness and strength makes Panthera X by far the lightest wheelchair in the world, with a transport weight of an incredible 4.6Ibs (2.1 kg). With new state of the art technology to place the fibres in the right direction we have increased the strength even more. The lightness and stiffness of the chassis makes Panthera X fantastic to drive and to lift into, e.g. a car. Panthera X has a built-in rear axle, just like Panthera U2 light, To balance the chair you choose one of the 4 positions of the attachment for the backrest. The angle of the backrest is adjustable and the backrest height can be selected between 8.6” (22cm) and 13.75” (35cm) in increments of 0.4” (1 cm). The footrest is adjustable in height. Warranty The service life of the Panthera X depends on how much wear it is subjected to and how careful you are with maintenance. Important! Carbon Fibre is a very strong material but sensitive to impact and hard shocks. As an example, a fall backwards in the wheelchair against a hard surface can cause damage to the back frame. Damages caused by external force are not covered by warranty. External accessories such as hand bike, and fixed backrest with installations performed with clamping hardware around the chassis tube or modifications to the chassis are not permitted. Guarantee: We offer a five-year factory guarantee on the chassis. For other parts there is a guarantee of 12months. Maximum user weight: 220Ibs (100Kgs) Learn More
  4. Invacare Top End XLT Handcycle

    Invacare Top End XLT Handcycle

    Call for Price

    The super stable and adjustable Invacare Top End XLT Handcycle is capable of speeds up to 20 mph and features a tall, narrow back for maximum range of motion and increased power transfer. Ergonomic handles, full chain guard and safety flag come standard. FEATURES: - Adjustable tension seat upholstery provides added comfort - High-performance spoke wheels with high pressure tires for maximum roll - Reflectors, parking brake and chest positioning strap for added safety - Lightweight, sturdy aluminum frame - Steel fork for maximum stiffness and smooth cornering Learn More
  5. Batec Quad Electric (Used Demo)

    Batec Quad Electric (Used Demo)


    BATEC QUAD ELECTRIC CLEARING OUT our demo's on the quad electric - 2-years old! Just like the BATEC ELECTRIC, the BATEC QUAD ELECTRIC handbike offers you a unique 2 in 1 approach to your needs. However,the Quad electric is the definitive mobility tool designed for all those who have injuries affecting both upper and lower limbs i.e., quadriplegia and related injuries who want to travel to work, shopping, or just boogie around!

    Learn More
  6. Batec Electric (Used Demo)

    Batec Electric (Used Demo)


    BATEC ELECTRIC Clearing out our Batec Demo's-2-years old! The BATEC ELECTRIC handbike offers you a 2 in 1 approach to your needs; a unique solution that will revolutionize your mobility outdoors, without having to give up the advantages of your manual wheelchair. It is the definitive mobility tool for work, shopping, or just tooling around soaking up that vitamin D!

    Learn More
  7. Savaria Telecab (Used)

    Savaria Telecab (Used)

    Call for Price

    Lightly used, previously owned - For SALE! Learn More

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