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Medical product solutions for people with spinal cord injuries and related disabilities so they can take more control of their day-to-day life.







A loss of independence from a spinal cord injury can be dramatic and devastating

Does this sound familiar?

  • You require some level of support with getting in and out of bed, toileting, bathing and eating
  • You require medical supplies to help manage bowel and bladder issues
  • You sometimes feel overwhelmed and you have reduced or eliminated social activities
  • You wish you had someone to ask the personal questions that you’ve been unable to address

Did you know…

Between 45-50% of people with a spinal cord injury (SCI) need personal assistance with their daily activities

Take back control of your life with our products and services

The journey isn’t always easy but we’re with you all the way



You have to take care of yourself in ways you never had to before. We can support you with medical supplies that address your personalized requirements.


The right mobility product can make a world of difference to your independence and help you gain access to important events with family and friends.


When you partner with us you can rest assured you’ll get the right products when you need them, so that you feel in control whether at home or in your community.



Product expertise from someone who has been there

40 years ago I damaged my spinal cord in an accident, so I know first-hand how difficult it can be when you leave rehab and head home. You don’t know who to turn to for expert advice on the products you might need to adjust to your “new reality”, and adapt to your new physical limitations.

Whether you’re dealing with a new injury or struggling with the ongoing challenges of living with a physical disability, everyone at The Access Store believes that it shouldn’t be difficult to get the product guidance you need, and you shouldn’t have to go through it alone.

Since 1993 we have provided expertise on products and solutions to support and enhance your daily activities so you can thrive again.

Start improving
your life today!

1. Give us a call

Let’s chat so we can fully discover your needs and answer any questions you may have.

2. Get a personalized plan

We’ll create a plan of action and recommend the right products and solutions to address your specific needs, and assist in finding the right funding source.

3. Become the leader of your life

You’ll have the freedom to get your independence and dignity back, and anticipate in all aspects of daily life.

I absolutely love dealing with The Access store. Everyone is super friendly. I live outside of Winnipeg but I’m able to get almost all of my medical supplies very quickly mailed to my door which has truly made my life a lot easier. I highly recommend them to anyone needing medical supplies and equipment.

Scott Woodward

I am a quadriplegic with very limited upper body movement and own a 38-acre hobby farm east of Winnipeg. With guidance from David I purchased the Action Track Standard wheelchair to be able to visit my farm animals in the pasture, and to be able to enjoy hunting, one of my passions, again. This has allowed me more independence.

Rick Wassing

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