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Living with a disability or spinal cord injury can be challenging and full of obstacles. At the Access Store, we provide the products and support you need to overcome these obstacles to live a life of better health, independence, and mobility.


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Overcoming Obstacles, Building Independence

Overcoming a spinal cord injury has left you with many unknowns and uncertainty about the future. Depending on others for everything leaves you feeling out of control. It can be hard to see the joy through the challenges.

Is Your Injury Affecting Your Life More Than It Should?

  • Has limited mobility reduced your quality of life?
  • Do you feel excluded from participating in certain activities
    or events?
  • Are you dependent on others for all your needs?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed at finding a new way of life?

Did you know you have options?

Expand your horizons beyond the limited options suggested by hospitals – discover a world of diverse products and services tailored to individuals with spinal cord injuries at the Access Store.

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Take Back Control of your Life with Our Products and Services

The journey isn’t always easy but we’re with you all the way


At the Access Store, we offer products that can help you regain your independence and perform tasks you thought were impossible.


Our range of mobility products, including power add-ons, and outdoor recreation chairs, can help you get around more easily and participate in activities you love.



Our medical supply products can help you achieve greater independence, mobility, and safety, leading to a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.



You Should Not Have To Go Through This Alone

Product expertise from someone who has been there:

“40 years ago I damaged my spinal cord in an accident, so I know first-hand how difficult it can be when you leave rehab and head home. You don’t know who to turn to for expert advice on the products you might need to adjust to your “new reality”, and adapt to your new physical limitations.

Whether you’re dealing with a new injury or struggling with the ongoing challenges of living with a physical disability, everyone at The Access Store believes that it shouldn’t be difficult to get the product guidance you need, and you shouldn’t have to go through it alone.

Since 1993 we have provided expertise on products and solutions to support and enhance your daily activities so you can thrive again.”

See What Our Clients Have To Say:

We have helped countless people find the support they need to succeed. But don’t take our word for it! Read what other people have to say:

I absolutely love dealing with The Access store. Everyone is super friendly. I live outside of Winnipeg but I’m able to get almost all of my medical supplies very quickly mailed to my door which has truly made my life a lot easier. I highly recommend them to anyone needing medical supplies and equipment.

Scott Woodward

I am a quadriplegic with very limited upper body movement and own a 38-acre hobby farm east of Winnipeg. With guidance from David I purchased the Action Track Standard wheelchair to be able to visit my farm animals in the pasture, and to be able to enjoy hunting, one of my passions, again. This has allowed me more independence.

Rick Wassing


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