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About Us


The Access Store’s mission is to not only provide you with solutions but also assist medical professionals, healthcare providers, focus groups and health care institutions gain the knowledge in order to improve the lifestyle of person with disabilities living in our communities.

We focus on providing expertise on accessibility that includes value added products and consultations based on Universal Design Principles and Barrier-Free Design Guidelines; as well as online sales as most healthcare products.

David Tweed, the owner of Access Store is the only active Certified Access Consultant in Manitoba. David has owned and operated Inmotion Healthcare and is now operating The Access Store since 1993. He has an extensive background and firsthand experience on accessibility issues and home health products that include a certificate from The Canadian Institute for Barrier Free Design and successfully completing the Accessibility Audit Training Program. David has been living independently with a disability in his community for over thirty years and is involved with several community organizations that provide services to the disabled and seniors community for the City of Winnipeg. he is also one of the Board members of the Manitoba Wheelchair Sports Association. Knowing firsthand the products that he sells, David fully understands the needs of other consumers who are disabled.

“I have been living with a spinal cord injury for over 30 years now. Although spinal cord injuries are similar, I recognize that everyone has different needs. Once you leave the rehab, whom do you have to rely on to have knowledge about the products you need? At the Access Store, you’ll get the individual attention you deserve by the knowledgeable people like myself. It’s your choice as to where you buy medical products – why not choose the best!”


  • You’re dealing with people that actually use the same products. This includes staff members who have family that are also living with a spinal cord injury.
  • We’ve been the #1 choice in Manitoba over the past ten years as a supplier of urological & medical equipment products. We are the only company to offer a free in-hospital, pre discharge consultation to review your supply order.
  • We have access to virtually any brand name of medical product, wheelchair parts, tires, specialty items or urological products most available online.  We are the leading Manitoba supplier for Coloplast, Hollister, Savaria, Access 2000 to name a few.
  • We are the only company to carry or special order hard to find products or gadgets that may assist to enhance your daily activities. As part of our normal routine, we keep up to date on “what’s new” out there.
  • We receive the highest amount of support and education from the top brand name industry suppliers & manufacturers.
  • We are authorized to bill to all 3rd party agencies including Blue Cross, DVA, NIHB, WCB, and MPI and we are recognized by all private occupational therapy companies.
  • We offer discounts to all CPA members.
  • AND, most importantly we care about ensuring that each individual gets the right product for his or her needs!


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