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The Access Team has personal experience with disability so we know the importance of getting the right products and the right information.

Photo of The Access Store Employees

You can still live a well-rounded, active, happy and healthy life after a devastating injury.

We should know, we’ve been in your position for over 40 years.

  • Find joy again in everyday life
  • Learn new skills
  • Visit family and friends
  • Return to work
  • Start a new sport or adapt an old favourite

Clients who work with us are able to get back to focuing on what they love:
their families, their work and their community.


David Tweed, President

David Tweed is the only active Certified Access Consultant in Manitoba, with an extensive background on accessibility issues and home health products after successfully completing the Accessibility Audit Training Program and earning a certificate from the Canadian Institute for Barrier Free Design.

David has been living independently with a disability in his community for over forty years and is involved with several community organizations that provide services to the disabled and seniors community for the City of Winnipeg, in addition to serving as a Board members of the Manitoba Wheelchair Sports Association.

David has owned and operated Inmotion Healthcare and has been operating The Access Store since 1993.


The Team

From the President right through to the service technicians, The Access Store team is dedicated and committed to ensure the absolute highest level of customer service is delivered.

We approach each customer with the same expectation, which is that they have found the best company suited to meet their particular access neeeds.

You’re dealing with people that actually use the same products. This includes staff members who have family that are also living with a spinal cord injury.

Dave and his staff are well informed about the products they carry, and if they don’t have something in stock, they will source it for me. Typically, I receive my supplies within a few days.

Brian Miller

Professional Services

Are you an Architect, Builder or Designer modifying a home or business to accommodate accessibility?

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