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How to Sell an Item

To sell a piece of equipment on our web site simply click on the “Sell” button. Please provide all required information and attach any pictures etc. for placing your ad. Prior to placing our ad please review the following chart:

Item Value Basic Fee Print Fee Picture Fee
$0 – $100 $4.99 $0.50 $2.99
$101 – $500 $6.99 $0.50 $2.99
$501 – $1000 $8.99 $0.75 $2.99
$1001 – $2000 $10.99 $0.75 $2.99
Over $2000 $14.99 $1.00 $4.99

All fees must be paid in advance of the ad being placed. The ad will be listed for the time specified or until you request that it be removed.



We also provide an additional feature to better assist you with selling your equipment. We will take your item from you and sell it on consignment.

  • Your item gets listed on our web site listing us as the contact.
  • Your item is included in regular listings distributed to our daily contacts.
  • There is no need for you to continue storing the item.
  • You’ll have no hassle of dealing with phone calls and people coming to your house

The Fees for selling on consignment are; the standard web site listing fee (paid in advance) as listed above, as well as a brokerage fee of 30% of the proceeds from the sale of your item. You will receive %70 of the proceeds once the item sells. There is a minimum consignment fee of $30.00 on any item.


How to Buy an Item

If you are interested in buying an item that you see, you may click on the “Buy” button after the ad.

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