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Why We Are Different

The Access Store – Medical Supplies and Daily Aids is your trusted choice when it comes to speciality mobility aid equipment and lightweight wheelchairs. We want to help anyone with mobility issues to regain confidence, integrate back into their community, and take back control of their lives.

We provide a variety of medical supplies and durable medical equipment designed to meet the daily needs of clients with limited mobility, to help them continue to live at home. We have the products and supplies you need to remain active and live independently within the community.
Products and services that make sense for your life.

From the President right through to the service technicians, The Access Store’s Medical Supplies and Daily Aids team is dedicated and committed to ensuring the absolute highest level of customer service is delivered.

We approach each customer with the same expectation, which is that they have found the best company suited to meet their particular access needs. You’re dealing with people that actually use the same products. This includes staff members who have family that are also living with a spinal cord injury.

The journey isn’t always easy – but we’re with you all the way.

How It Works

Give Us A Call

Let’s chat so we can fully discover your needs and answer any questions you may have.

Get A Personalized Plan

We’ll create a plan of action and recommend the right products and solutions to address your specific needs, and we’ll assist in finding the right funding source.

Become The Leader In Your Life

Become the Leader in your life - You’ll have the freedom top get your independence and dignity back, and participate in all aspects of daily life.

Payment Options

In-store/Telephone With Credit Card

Payments can be made directly in-store or on the telephone with our customer service representatives, and will be billed to your preferred credit card.

Online With PayPal

Online with PayPal – Purchases made in our online store are done securely through PayPal.

Third-Party Billing

We are authorized to bill to all 3rd party agencies including Blue Cross, DVA, NIHB, WCB, and MPI, and we are recognized by all private occupational therapy companies.

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