Batec Electric Attachment For Manual Wheelchair Winnipeg

by | Feb 10, 2019 | Wheelchair

Batec electric handbikes are a comprehensive solution to your mobility problems:

  • Go from reduced mobility to augmented mobility, from needing help from others to being self-sufficient and proactive.
  • Get a 2-in-1: a motor for your wheelchair without sacrificing the benefits of a manual chair.
  • Overcome barriers: kerbs, cobblestones, irregular terrain… Don’t let anything slow you down!
  • Attach it to your chair in just seconds without transfers. The fastest anchor system on the market!


Inspired by the engine iconic referents of the 1960s, it recovers their characteristic olive green colour and off-road inspiration.

It has a 19″ wheel ultra wide, a 1400-lumen double front light and a stand frame with suspension.

It also includes the latest Batec handbike technology with features such as reverse gear and an all-in-one LCD screen.

It’s available in versions for quadriplegics and hemiplegics.

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