Active Hands “D-Ring” Aids


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D-Ring aids are ideal for use in the gym. They allow attachment directly to the karabiner on gym equipment such as cable and pulley machines. This gives the benefit of a greater range of movement as well as pulling directly from the wrist.

These aids are beneficial for both those with weak hand function and those with limb differences.

The D-Ring aids come as a pair – left and right hands. The wrist section is tightened using a strip of Velcro with a ring on the end. Attached to this wrist section is a D-Ring which allows for attachment directly to the karabiner on gym equipment.


In addition to being a benefit to those in wheelchairs the D-Ring aids also allow those with a limb difference affecting their hand to take part in exercising at the gym.

Like other Active Hands products the D-Ring aids are lined with neoprene for comfort and grip. They are fastened with the same strong and durable webbing. The D-Ring aid is also fully machine washable.

The D-Ring aid utilizes the same ring and Velcro method for fitting, allowing users with weak fingers to put the aid on independently. The presence of the large plastic ring allows the user to insert a finger into the ring and pull the aid tight ensuring a safe fitting without slippage. The D-Ring is attached stiffly to the wrist section to reduce movement when attaching to the karabiner.



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