Bard Bedside “Night” Drainage Bag



Bard Bedside Center-Entry Urine Drainage Bag is a night drainage bag, designed for use by individuals with physical disabilities, spinal cord injury, or urinary incontinence. It comes in a rounded, teardrop shape to ensure efficient drainage.

Latex-Free Drain Bag, EZ-Lok Sampling Port, 60″ Tubing, Metal Clamp

BARD bedside drainage bag comes in single units or cases of 20 units. Order yours online or contact us(204) 589-8955 to place your order.

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Benefits of BARD Urine Drainage Bag

  • Anti-reflux drip chamber
  • Bard safe sampling port
  • Double hook hanger
  • Holds up to 2000 ml
  • Sterile
  • Single-use


Features of BARD Bedside Urine Drainage Bag

  • Bard EZ-LOK Sampling Port allows for needle-free aspiration and eliminates the risk of needlestick injuries
  • Single-Use Drainage Bag for night drainage
  • Anti-Reflux Chamber has a unique dome design that prevents the backflow of urine from the Bard Drainage Bag to the drainage tube
  • Plastic hinged hanger and string attached
  • Latex-free bedside bag

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