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The Garaventa Genesis is a vertical platform lift designed to provide access into or within public buildings. It travels inside a complete, self-contained enclosure or can be located in a shaftway constructed by others. Their unique, anodized aluminum design is strong, durable and attractive.

Enclosure Model 

Shaftway Model

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Shaftway Model

The Genesis Shaftway model is a vertical platform wheelchair lift. This style lift has a capacity or 340 kg (750lbs.) and can provide access up to 4343mm (171″). The Shaftway model is designed to fit the lift components within a shaftway built by other to Garaventa Lift specifications. The Shaftway Model can be designed to blend and compliment the building design at a fraction of the cost of an elevator.

The components of the Shaftway Models consist of a drive mast, passenger platform, doors/gates, call stations and platform controls.

The Genesis Shaftway Model suitable for commercial or residential projects and can be installed indoor or outdoors.

Enclosure Model

The Genesis Enclosure Model is a vertical platform wheelchair lift that can provide access to up to 4343mm (171″). This style of vertical lift is an easy and cost-effective accessibility solution for public buildings or private residences and is suitable for indoor or outdoor installations.

The Genesis Enclosure has a lifting capacity 340 kg (750lbs). The components of this Genesis Vertical Platform lift consist of a factory manufactured enclosure walls, with integrated doors and gates, a drive mast, passenger platform and easy to use call stations and platform controls.

The Genesis can be customized with a variety of optional features to suit the needs of the user and building owner. The wall panels, doors and gates can be designed from an extensive variety of colors and finishes.



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