Glacial SP Cushion 17×18 with Urethane Liner


Stealth Glacial skin protection cushion features Coolcore® proprietary technology which is chemical-free and engineered to keep skin at a pleasant temperature throughout the year.

  • Soft Gel Top Layer
  • Coccyx and Sacral Relief
  • CoolCore® Technology Cover (Standard)
  • Contoured, High Density Molded Foam Base
  • Urethane Liner

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Chemical Free Fabric Technology:

Other brands’ materials typically contain topical chemicals that are not only toxic to your skin, but also lose their cooling effects after only a few washes. Coolcore® cooling technology is incorporated into the fabric fibers, ensuring that performance and cooling properties are maintained. In every weather, Coolcore’s® unique technology allows for a controlled evaporative process that keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable.

Fabric Benefits:

Coolcore’s® chemical-free, proprietary fabrics are the result of years of research and development. They keep you cooler, last longer, and shield you from the sun’s damaging rays (UPF).

The Cushions Thermoregulation line from Stealth is a fresh application, not a new technology. Coolcore® Technology starts with cooling, but the proprietary yarn technology results in a better textile that regulates temperature all year.

In the summer, a great foundation layer is also a terrific base layer in the winter.


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