Hatch All-Purpose Padded Mesh Wheelchair Gloves


Price Per Pair

These gloves are the most versatile gloves on the market. The palms are leather and have extra foam padding in them so that you may brake and do any other maneuvers without injuring your hand. While the back of the gloves are comprised of a perforated cotton material to allow breathing. The breathable material keeps your hands cool and allows moisture to escape. They’re great for wear in warm conditions and during the summer months.  Latex free.



Leather palms with foam padding protect your hands from blisters, calluses, and other injuries from daily wheelchair use. The gloves are 50% leather, 40% cotton, and 10% foam. The half-finger design gives your fingers a full range of motion.

The wheelchairs gloves are convenient. They’re easy to put on using the adjustable hook and loop closures at the wrist. Cleaning is simple, just machine wash and line dry. These all-purpose gloves offer hand protection for people with disabilities, seniors, and other wheelchair users.


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