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Having a disability may complicate your sex life, but it doesn’t have to end it.  Quality of life products can improve sexual mobility and enable disabled individuals to have an active sex life.  Improving your sexual mobility also leads to better mental health, relationship strength, and overall well-being of disabled individuals.

Now is the time to order the IntimateRider.  Our products are easy to use and fun to enjoy. Send us an email or give us a call at (204) 589 – 8955 today to learn more. Order online now!  We ship across Canada.


RiderMate and RiderMate Deluxe are sexual mobility positioning devices used with the IntimateRider to give you even more position and angle options.  Both RiderMate products sit level with the IntimateRider, providing the stability and comfort you need.

IntimateRider offers the RiderMate and RiderMate Deluxe to open up your sexual intimacy experiences to new positions and angles.  These products enhance intimacy in your relationship with versatile designs that are safe and easy to use.


The RiderMate is the entry-level cushion for your partner.  The RiderMate is constructed from soft, breathable denier nylon that provides your partner with a comfortable positioning area.

RiderMate Deluxe

The adventure begins where the IntimateRider and Liberator meet.  So many new angles and positions that it is hard to decide where to start.  It will provide many opportunities to arrive at new positions and improve sexual performance.

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