MiWay Intermittent Penis Support for Self-Catheterization


Single Unit

Recommended for use by men with a flaccid penis attempting self catheterization, personal hygiene or to aid in putting on a condom catheter.

Men with limited dexterity will find the MiWay™ Penis Support to be particularly helpful in holding the penis.

The two finger holes make positioning  the support and one handed use possible for many users.


The MiWay™ Intermittent Self Catheterization Penis Support is designed with multiple grip surfaces, knurls and holes recognizing that “your way is the best way for you”.

Open using the two finger holes, lift from below the penis and release. The memory foam support will will close around the penis and remain gently in place. With the penis held in position a number of obstacles presented either by limited dexterity or flaccidity will be removed.

One size fits most. Optimal for penis circumference of  3.5″ to 5.5″. The device is 1″ thick and will provide adequate support to most men however additional supports may be needed when penis length warrants

Not intended for prolonged use.



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