Modular Residential Ramp

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The Modular Ramp from Roll-A-Ramp combines all the features you have hoped for in a ramp. It is an excellent alternative to building a permanent wooden ramp and a good option for wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, or any accessibility need.

The modular ramp system assembles quickly and easily with common hand tools. It comes standard with handrails on both sides and has optional gates and guard rails. This modular ramp system requires little or no site preparation.

Modular residential ramps are ordered to meet the requirements of the customer and can be configured to accommodate many different applications. When ordering a modular ramp system, The Access Store will only order the components needed to fit your specific needs.

Modular ramp systems can be reconfigured if necessary and parts can be added at a later time should more length be required. The Access Store offers personalized quotes. For additional information, please contact us or call @ (204) 589-8955.

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Whether you are staying put or on the go, Roll-A-Ramp is less costly than lifts and elevators, permanent wood, or concrete ramps – and much more versatile. Our custom platforms allow the ramp to turn at a 90-degree angle.


A typical system may include:

  • One long Roll-A-Ramp or multiple shorter ramps
  • Handrails (includes hook-style brackets that attach to ramp)
  • Platform with Handrails
  • Support Stands (two heights available)
  • Seg-Mount Brackets
  • Quick Release Pins


  • Easy setup and takedown – or leave in place
  • Rolls up and is always portable
  • Lightweight yet extremely sturdy and durable
  • Can be configured as multiple ramps in one – ask how!
  • Unconditional 10-Year Warranty