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The PIE* device provides a final solution for most people who suffer complications associated with bowel dysfunction.

The PIE* device efficiently provides evacuation of waste from the colon that has lost its ability to evacuate naturally. Published clinical studies confirm that this process effectively provides function for the bowel, is safe for long term use, improves long term health, dramatically reduces hospital confinement and associated cost and provides freedom for bowel dysfunctional individuals.


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The PIE* BP Trolley System provides timed-pulsed, body temperature tap water under low pressure into the colon, irrigating solid or dried feces to a semi-liquid form for natural gravity evacuation. The PIE* Device has the capability of irrigating and evacuating stool from the entire colon to the cecum, the point where the small intestines empty into the colon. The PIE* procedure is effective, comfortable and safe while providing multiple benefits for bowel conditioning and maintenance as follows:

  • Stimulation for autonomic peristaltic activity in the bowel wall muscles precipitating movement of stool to the rectal vault area for evacuation. (Published case studies provide evidence that regular use of PIE* technology has eliminated chronic constipation, chronic incontinence and fecal impaction.)
  • Restorative qualities to a normal bowel function by regular use of PIE* technology through the process of stimulating and exercising the bowel wall muscles.
  • Reduction or elimination, in most cases, of urinary tract infections for the bowel dysfunctional patient.

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The BP Trolley conveniently transports the Controller, Fresh Water Tank Assembly, Tank Filling & Cleaning device, Waste Water Tank Assembly, and Direct Power Supply Assembly or a Rechargeable Battery Power Supply Assembly. Every PIE* procedure begins with a new PIE Pak Kit. The kit includes disposable components used during a PIE* procedure that come in contact with fecal waste.

The fresh water tank is filled with warm tap water at 98° to 103°F. The speculum has an inflatable cuff. The speculum is lubricated and inserted into the rectum. When the speculum is in place, the cuff is manually inflated with a hand pump to comfortably seal the rectal vault during the procedure. Our easy-to-use controller operates the pumps and valves. Clean water enters the body at low pressure via a remote control button through the inflow hose at a programmable rate. Fecal waste evacuates the body after a programmable hold time by gravity through the outflow hose. Our patented B-Valve prevents excessive water pressure from occurring in the colon by releasing it through the outflow hose with no disruption to the PIE* procedure. The programmable pulse settings can be applied to more aggressively hydrate and loosen hardened stool within the colon. The pulsing action promotes peristaltic activity in the colon. Multiple, programmable, controller settings accommodate a patient’s individual requirements whether it is routine bowel evacuation, fecal impaction removal, colonoscopy exam pre-preparation, or other indicated applications. Throughout the procedure, all waste flows into the waste collection bag. When the PIE* procedure is finished, the speculum cuff is deflated, and the speculum is removed. The waste collection bag is emptied into a toilet and all disposable supplies are placed inside a furnished disposal bag for disposing according to local ordinances that govern soiled diapers.

***Please note: This description is not intended as instructions for administering a P.I.E. Procedure. Detailed instructions are contained in a comprehensive and easy to understand Instructions Manual available upon request. Please contact us for answers to your questions at our toll free number 1-800-670-1670


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