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Peapod Waterproof incontinence mats offer a dignified and manageable solution depending on your needs. It lies flat on top of bed sheets and stays in place providing a comfortable sleep while keeping the sheets dry. No need to anchor it to the mattress with flaps, straps, or Velcro. The grippy undersurface grips to the sheets to make sure it stays in place.

Peapod mats come in chair size as well and are easily transported so they can be used when traveling in a car, bus, train, or plane. Each mat holds over one liter of fluid, which makes the Peapod mat a practical solution for incontinence.

No more changing the bed sheets nightly!  Waterproof Bedwetting/ Incontinence Mat. Order online today or contact us @ (204) 589-8955.

Sizes available:

  • The 1.5’ x 1.5’ mat is suitable for any age as a chair, wheelchair, or furniture protector.
  • The 3’ x 3’ mat offers coverage for smaller surfaces or for adults with limited mobility while sleeping. Common usage is in sitting areas such as sofas and chairs. Not recommended for bed size double or larger.
  • The 3’ x 5’ mat is perfect for larger surfaces. Can be laid horizontal for bed size double or larger.

Peapod Mats characteristics:

  • 100% waterproof: there will be no leakage on to your bed sheets, mattress, or furniture
  • Breathable from top to bottom – no sweating or rashes, and reduced bed sores
  • So soft – so comfortable to sleep on! No crinkle plastic or cold vinyl feel
  • No flaps, straps, or Velcro: PeapodMats are easy to place on your bed. No need to tuck around the mattress, or wrap around mattress corners.
  • Non-slip, grippy bottom: PeapodMats stay in place exactly where you put it
  • Hassle-Free: Regular wash and dry keeps your PeapodMats clean. No special washing instructions required
  • Reusable, lasting up to 300-500+ washes
  • 100% portable: take your PeapodMats with you when you travel. Easy to pack and take along with you
  • Reducing carbon print: No more plastic disposable bed mats you use one time or plastic mats that melt in the dryer

Not limited to use on the bed. Protect other surfaces such as couches, wheelchairs, car seats, stroller seats, and much more.

How It Works

  • POD-TEX™ technology is a unique triple-layer design to create a leakproof, breathable, and reusable bedwetting/incontinence mat.
  • Top Layer: Grid stitched to prevent bunching.
  • Mid Layer: Placed to absorb and disperse moisture.
  • Under Layer: Constructed to grip surfaces.


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Color Options

Sandman, Fuzzy Peach, Navy, Dove


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