Phoenix Adapters

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Use this product for extra adapters or if you require a low clearance adapter. Adapters for Curved back bars, Quickie oval tube bars, Krypton and Nitrum are included with your bag when ordering.



Low clearance adapters are used on straight backrest bars when there is less than 25mm space between the backrest bar and the backrest (commonly used when rigid backrests are fitted). Please measure your bar diameter so that we can send you the correct size of adapter.

Some wheelchair brands use sizes and shapes of tubing that require an adapter or don’t have a backrest bar. A minimum of 25mm is needed between backrest and backbar to attach a Phoenix bag. If an aftermarket backrest is used you may not have the minimum 25mm clearance and require a low clearance adapter.

If you have a folding framed chair, no back rest bar or use a Kuschall K, Apex Carbon, Panthera X or Aria you will require our Universal Adapter.


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