Sixth Digit: The Stylus Ring for Tech Devices


Sixth Digit is a stylus ring that sits on your little finger and can be used to push buttons on many objects. The replaceable stylus tips can be used with touch screens. It is ideal for those who cannot use individual fingers due to hand function problems. 

It allows one ‘finger’, the 6th digit, to protrude further than the others (which is especially useful for those with fingers that are curled up or floppy) allowing the user to press keys on a keyboard, or buttons, without the other fingers pressing unwanted options.

The Sixth Digits are so unobtrusive that you can wear them even when pushing your manual chair!

The package comes with two Sixth Digits (one for each hand), two spare tips, and a leather storage bag. Please note color may vary between silver or gold. Order yours online today or give us a call at (204) 589-8955 today to learn more. We are a local company in Winnipeg, Manitoba and we ship across Canada.

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People with little or no finger movement due to any medical or physical condition might have a hard time pressing buttons on the remote control, typing on a keyboard, or using a touchscreen device. The Sixth Digit is a stylus ring that slides in your pinky finger. It allows you to press every key and button needed without having to worry about other fingers getting into your way.

A few examples of where you could use the Sixth Digit are:

  • On a phone or tablet touch screen
  • Pressing physical buttons on a remote control, microwave, or light
  • Pressing buttons in public spaces like ATM, PIN keypad or lift buttons where germs might be an issue
  • For touch screens on washing machines or gaming controllers
  • When typing on a keyboard or laptop – two hands make typing quicker!
  • Touch screen in cars or on SatNav devices

The Sixth Digit is sold in pairs (one for each hand) and it comes with two spare tips and a leather storage bag. The color may vary between silver or gold depending on our available stock.


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