Summit Wheelchair Brakes


Have a hard time pushing up ramps without rolling backwards? Have a set of stairs with railings that you need to get up by yourself? Do you just want an extremely high quality pair of brakes that will last a lifetime without wearing out? Think of Summit Brakes as the next natural evolution of the wheelchair brake.

They have regular braking function, anti-rollback function, and anti-roll forward functions that you can use to help get you through a variety of situations during the day. Ramps and inclines that were to difficult before will now be a breeze.

Tired of your brakes wearing out? These are some of the highest quality brakes you can put onto your wheelchair. These brakes were tested for over 200,000 cycles without failure.

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Climb Hills And Ramps Easier, Even Conquer Stairs With Summit Anti-Roll Wheel Locks. Summit Brakes make your day-to-day life in a wheelchair easier.

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