Sure Grip Hand Controls

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Traditional Style Hand Controls: Push/Rock Version

Keep Both Hands On the Wheel: The vertical handle of the Push Rock puts your hand within reach of the steering wheel while you are driving and gives you easy access to the turn signal stock. No hand control puts you in better control of your vehicle.

Clean Installations: The customizable nature of our controls gives our installers the ability to route the hand control linkages around your vehicles panelling in ways not possible with other controls.

More Leg Room: Our streamlined design and stable main body allow our hand controls to be installed close to the steering wheel, keeping them out of the way.

Easy Throttle: The mechanical advantage of our vertical handle gives you the lowest throttle tension of any mechanical hand control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can this control be installed in any vehicle?

A: We’ve been at this for 30 years and we have not yet run into a car, truck, van or anything else that we can’t put our hand controls into.

Q: Can they be transferred from one vehicle to another?

A: Yes. However, while the control itself is universal, differences in vehicles may require you to purchase replacement parts in order to transfer them.

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Featherlite 2.0

The hand control that made Sure Grip famous now features the most leg room
bar none in the industry!
NO gas rods, NO gas guards, NO resistance!

The amazing Short Stroke push/pull, features no moving brake rod, and now NO
GAS ROD, allowing for the most LAP and LEG room in the industry. Extremely
short accelerator stroke and virtually no accelerator resistance allows for a
smooth and easy drive!

Motor Cycle Style Accelerator
What was once the most fatiguing style of driving is now available to virtually all
disabilities. NO gas rods, NO resistance has redened who can operate this style
of hand control.

Eliminating fatigue from all styles of mechanically
operated hand controls
Eliminates ‘old style mechanical acceleration lock out’
Makes Sure Grip’s SHORT STROKE Right Angle and
Push/Pull controls easiest operating on the market
No pedal guard
Choose between OEM Pedal & Hand Controls w/ push
of button
No need for a gas guard
No longer subject to OEM acceleration pedal resistance
No more weight or force resulting from hard mounted
rod to the OEM gas pedal
Customize the hand control tension to the customers
Activation button can be mounted anywhere within
client reach
All 4 styles of hand controls available for both left and