Magic Bullet Suppositories


Box of 100 – Individually Sealed

The Magic Bullet™ is faster acting, safe and sure. Specially designed to help those with bowel incontinence to minimize the cost and time involved in your bowel program.


It is water based, not oil based as other suppositories, which causes the Bisacodyl to totally disperse within minutes after insertion.

  • Contains 10mg Bisacodyl
  • Contains no Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil
  • Generally produces a bowel movement in 15 minutes to 1 hour.

Magic Bullet Suppository is a Bisacodyl suppository that is water soluble so it works to produce a bowel movement fast. The active ingredient, 10 mg Bisacodyl, disperses within minutes of insertion because the suppository does not have a hydrogenated vegetable oil base. Vegetable oil takes time to work because it takes time for it to melt. The Bisacodyl stimulates the bowels which is what produces a bowel movement. Magic Bullets are fast acting and reliable which makes them an effective addition to your bowel programs.

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