UTIVA Cranberry PACs


Price Per Single Unit

Compared with regular cranberry pills for UTIs, each Utiva Cranberry PACs Capsules contains 36 mg of soluble PACs at 15% concentration – one of the highest in the market, and the clinically proven amount necessary to be effective at avoiding UTIs. This full source of soluble PACs has strong positive effects on gut and bladder health and provides a greater amount of antioxidants.

* Soluble PACs are measured by DMAC/A2.



100% Natural – Non-Antibiotic Prevention Option

Utiva carefully selects cranberries known to have high soluble PAC content, sourced locally in North America, to produce this unique product.

Recommended by Doctors

Healthcare practitioners from across North America recommend Utiva Cranberry PACs supplement to female and male patients to help prevent UTIs and support good urinary tract health.

Clinically-Proven Research

Utiva’s main active ingredient are soluble proanthocyanidins (PACs), clinically proven to be the cranberries’ most bioactive component for naturally treating UTIs.

High in Antioxidants

Proanthocyanidins (PACs) are an all-natural plant-based micronutrient full of antioxidants. Our high concentration of soluble PACs helps to promote and maintain good overall health.

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