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The Access Store has a diverse option of disposable medical products focused on clients with disabilities who experience issues with bowel and bladder care. It’s important to consider that medical supplies and durable medical equipment that a patient may have used in various facilities may not always be the proper, most effective, or the best product for the patient. Incontinence products used in a rehabilitation facility may have been given to the patient simply because they were cost-effective or readily available. Most people don’t know the benefits of one catheter over another or why certain types can be harmful to you.

We specialize in bowel and bladder care items designated for people with particular functional limitations due to medical conditions such as a spinal cord injury. Our disposable medical supplies make it easier to manage the basic needs and medical care of persons with a disability on a daily basis. We are the leading supplier in Manitoba of these products. If you are unsure about choosing a particular product, please call us at (204) 589-8955.

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At The Access Store, we also provide other medical equipment focused on access liftsmobility, and service maintenance of your equipment. Don’t forget to check all the products we offer.

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