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The journey isn’t always easy but we’re with you all the way

Even though you may never get back to being the same person physically, with the products and services available at The Access Store along with the care and advice from our team, you will come to a level of independence that is satisfying.


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Let’s chat so we can full discover your needs and answer any questions you may have.

Get a personalized plan

We’ll create a plan of action and recommend the right products and solutions to address your specific needs, and assist in finding the right funding source.

Become the leader of your life

You’ll have the freedom to get your independence and dignity back, and participate in all aspects of daily life.

The Customer Service Promise


We offer the most comprehensive preventative maintenance packages in the industry that includes extended warranties and service contracts available on most lift equipment.

Service Response

Our service technicians are available to respond within 2 hours, 24/7 on any local service call that is related to lift equipment. “That’s all they do!”


Our service technicians come to us already skilled in the service industry. Each one also receives a combination of dealer and manufacturers training.


To better protect our customers, in addition to regular 3rd party liability insurance we carry “specialized” 3rd party liability.

insurance as required to meet industry standards.


For projects that require it, we use subcontractors that are licensed and professionally trained. (They also carry specialized 3rd party liability insurance).


We service all makes and models of lift equipment in both residential and commercial applications. We sell brand named manufacturers equipment, both new and used.

Follow Up

Each customer receives a courtesy call within the first 7 days of a completed installation and then after 30 days to help ensure each customer is completely satisfied.


Upon presentation of a written quote, each potential customer is offered an opportunity to view past installations or hear from other satisfied customers.

Payment Options

In-store / Telephone with Credit Card

Payments can be made directly in-store or on the telephone with our customer service and will be billed to your preferred credit card.

Online with PayPal

Purchases made on our online store are done securely through PayPal.

Third Party Billing

We are authorized to bill to all 3rd party agencies including Blue Cross, DVA, NIHB, WCB, and MPI and we are recognized by all private occupational therapy companies.

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