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If you are planning or working on a home modification, you might need to consider max height, width, length, machine weight, lift capacity, and other detailed specifications. If you require this information to finish up a blueprint or a project and need a well-experienced partner, Access Lifts and Elevators is here to help.

Access Lifts and Elevators has been helping contractors, architects & designers in Manitoba fulfill specification and installation needs. We specialize in assessing projects from public tenders as well as private projects for landlords and property management companies.

As an Architect, Builder, or Designer, you need a partner you can trust to modify a home or business to accommodate accessibility solutions. Call Access Lifts and Elevators today.

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As Certified Access Consultants we can consult on a variety of accessibility solutions based on universal design principles. This ensures that the solutions we provide fulfill what is required by code and by the disabled community as well.

About The Accessible Canada Act

The Accessible Canada Act recognizes the existing human rights framework that supports equality for people with disabilities in Canada. It involves identifying, removing, and preventing barriers in public and private entities to provide equal access to their goods, services, and activities. A major part of meeting this obligation is providing accessible facilities. When buildings, such as restaurants, shopping centres, medical clinics, schools, and courthouses, are inaccessible, they pose a major barrier to people with disabilities and severely limit equal access to participation in public life.

These standards provide minimum requirements for accessible design to achieve both accessibility and safety for people with disabilities. Both public and private entities may design elements that go beyond the minimum standards to provide greater levels of accessibility.

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