Batec Electric: A Wheelchair Attachment Solution in Winnipeg, Canada


The Batec Mobility is the ultimate wheelchair attachment for your needs. It was first introduced by Pau Bach in Madrid, Spain after suffering a spinal cord injury when he was 18 years old. His passion for motorbikes and cycling led him to overcome the after-effects of his injuries. 

His background in industrial design helped him to design and manufacture his first mobility solution. After a couple of years, his brother Lluis, an engineer, joined his project to develop their first line of handbikes. 

The Batec Mobility is an electric handbike solution to mobility problems allowing you versatility for everyday usage or leisure time. It is the perfect electric wheelchair attachment for long days visiting your favorite city or escaping to the countryside. The Batec has a patented hitch system that allows your wheelchair to become a kind of tricycle, offering manual and electric versions.

Batec Mobility has managed to combine technology, utility, and design. As of today, they come in different models with a variety of features to meet different needs. All Batecs come with the Batec Acopla Support System. 

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Are you ready to get your Batec Mobility wheelchair attachment? The Access Store is an authorized dealer of the Batec Mobility in Winnipeg, Canada. Get your electric wheelchair attachment without sacrificing the benefits of a manual chair.

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Some mobility equipment such as the Batec Mobility has complex parts inside that need proper maintenance to ensure the safety and longevity of the products. We offer maintenance programs for any mobility equipment. Call us today!

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