Garaventa Elvoron Elevators: A Cost-Efficient Solution For Residential Buildings


For the past couple of years, home elevators were considered a luxury that would perfectly fit in an elegant mansion transporting people to the upper floors. This conception has been shifting mostly due to new cost-efficient small elevators that are now in the market. 

Garaventa is one of the most popular current distributors that have gained exposure from their vast option of elevators. Many homeowners in Canada are opting to install home elevators due to dropping elevator costs, short installation time, and even changes in people’s lifestyles and needs.

Adding a home elevator can make your home safer and more functional. It will allow wheelchair users and people with limited mobility to regain their independence to easily move around their houses.


What are the benefits of small elevators?

There are numerous benefits for homeowners who have installed an elevator in their homes. Affordability, accessibility, safety, and increased resale value are all benefits of a small elevator installation. These benefits are outlined below: 

  • Affordable: New updates in the market have allowed companies such as Garaventa to reduce production costs and keep delivering the same quality across their products. Small elevators such as the Elvoron Lift products offer cutting-edge price tags and keep a similar look and feel to larger commercial elevators.
  • Accessibility: Many Baby Boomers are getting into retirement and are now evaluating the possibilities of whether to stay at home or move to a new location. There are many considerations to take into account, and accessibility could be the most important when reaching a decision. A residential elevator can make staying in a two or three-story house safer and more convenient. 
  • Property value: A home elevator install, regardless of the size of it, will increase the resale value of your home. The best way to determine how much value a home elevator will add to your home is to hire an appraiser. Nowadays, most home buyers take accessibility solutions into account when choosing a home to purchase. 


Garaventa Elvoron Lifts

  • Elvoron LU/LA: The Garaventa Elvoron LU/LA elevator is an elevator designed for low-rise and low-occupancy buildings. It shares the look and feels of larger commercial elevators. They come in 3 standard car sizes and are equipped with a fully automatic push-button operation and an emergency backup power system for lights, locks, and door operators.
  • Elvoron CPL: The Garaventa Elvoron CPL is a vertical platform lift equipped with a full-height cab and a non-load bearing ceiling. Garaventa offers a variety of attractive and durable wall and ceiling finishes. All lifts are supplied with basic plywood floors ready for installation of your preferred flooring material.

About Garaventa Lift

Garaventa Lift is a large international company specialized in manufacturing accessibility products and compact elevators. Their portfolio of products varies from commercial elevators, wheelchair lifts, & Elvoron elevators. They have been serving Canada since 1974 when they built a tramway in Vancouver, BC.

In 1978, the company decided to move into the accessibility business by making inclined platform lifts. They opened a factory in Surrey, BC for their production of inclined platforms. Years later, they expanded their operating business to British Columbia and Ontario.

Now, it operates five factories worldwide with eight retail branch operations in North America. In areas where they do not have retail operations, they utilize independent factory-trained and authorized representatives to provide retail services.


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It’s important to highlight that residential elevators are highly regulated by federal and state governments. It must meet stringent safety standards and your contractor must understand the current codes. Our certified technicians are constantly trained on the best practices about safety regulations. They can inspect any site job and provide a quote. 

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