Garaventa’s Cost-Efficient Alternatives to Elevators


In the past couple of months, we have been covering different elevator solutions for commercial and residential buildings. We have also covered the Garaventa Elvoron products, a lineup of small and affordable elevators with the looks and feel of commercial elevators.

If you are still looking for a more affordable solution, Garaventa also offers alternative solutions to elevators. They offer several wheelchair lift solutions to help people with limited mobility move from one level to another, without using the stairs.

Manufacturers recommend using portable wheelchair lifts to accommodate temporary needs, but they can also be a great cost-effective alternative to elevators.


What are the benefits of portable wheelchair lifts?

There are numerous benefits for homeowners who have installed a wheelchair lift in their homes. Affordability, accessibility, safety, and increased resale value are all benefits of wheelchair lift installation. These benefits are outlined below: 

  • Power Failures: Unexpected power outages could affect the functionality of elevators. Though uncommon, this issue could prevent wheelchair users from safely evacuating a building. Wheelchair lifts operate by battery power, so in the event that your home or building experiences a power outage, you can be assured that everyone will be able to safely move around. 
  • Elevator Breakdowns: Commercial and residential elevators require maintenance at least two times per year to assure proper function of the system. Despite the rigorous maintenance, an elevator could malfunction and get stuck.
  • Reduced space: Older buildings that do not have enough space to accommodate ramps should consider portable wheelchair lifts as a solution to make their property accessible to everyone.
  • Cost-effective: Elevators and installation costs can add up quickly and become an expensive option. Portable wheelchair lifts are more affordable and do not require any additional costs.
  • Safety first: All Garaventa’s wheelchair lifts come with safety features to control the ascendant and descendant speed, emergency stop button, and straps to provide extra security to the user.


Garaventa Alternative Solutions

  • Super-Trac: A portable wheelchair lift capable of accommodating all types of wheelchairs such as power, child, sports, and conventional adult wheelchairs. It’s an affordable accessibility solution when stairways are a barrier. The Super-Trac has a built-in loading ramp and incorporates many safety features. 
  • Stair-Trac: A more compact solution that can be used indoors or outdoors. It’s the perfect solution for school field trips or weekend drives. The Stair-Trac is the perfect portable inclined wheelchair lift you need for most standard wheelchairs. Additionally, it’s easy to lead into vehicles using the optional loading ramp.

About Garaventa Lift

Garaventa Lift is a large international company specialized in manufacturing accessibility products and compact elevators. Their portfolio of products varies from commercial elevators, portable wheelchair lifts, & Elvoron elevators. They have been serving Canada since 1974 when they built a tramway in Vancouver, BC.

In 1978, the company decided to move into the accessibility business by making inclined platform lifts. They opened a factory in Surrey, BC for their production of inclined platforms. Years later, they expanded their operating business to British Columbia and Ontario.

Now, it operates five factories worldwide with eight retail branch operations in North America. In areas where they do not have retail operations, they utilize independent factory-trained and authorized representatives to provide retail services.


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