Why should you consider a Genesis wheelchair lift?


Wheelchair lifts, also called vertical platform lifts or porch lifts, are mobility devices that allow wheelchair and scooter users a convenient method of accessing entryways, decks, porches, and upper floors. Lifts require a relatively small amount of space to operate, which makes them a well-suited option for spaces too confining for ramps.

Wheelchair lifts are great for public and residential purposes as they provide comfortable and easy access to elderly individuals or people with disabilities who might have a tough time with mobility on their own. With the installation of a wheelchair lift, stairways are easily navigated and independence and dignity are ensured for all who need to access a building. 

Corporate tenants and landlords must ensure that their property is completely accessible and in the event of an emergency, all persons must have a way to safety without obstacles. If you are a business owner, installing a wheelchair lift is a smart business decision, as any prospective clients or employees with mobility issues will be able to easily get in and out of your office. Anyone who uses a wheelchair will notice your effort to accommodate them and appreciate your practical gesture.

At The Access Store, we are here to help you decide on the right lift options for your residence or business. We are here to help create a safer and more accessible world for everyone. 


What are the benefits of installing elevators?

Seniors and people who depend on a wheelchair for mobility face the problem of restricted movements. As we age, accessing higher floors of homes or businesses may be a big challenge. People who have experienced an injury face similar barriers.  

The installation of elevators at home or in public buildings provides accessibility for everyone. No one should feel excluded from areas of the home or public property. 

Outlined below are some of the most important benefits of acquiring a wheelchair lift: 

  • Mobility: The installation of a lift benefits seniors and people with wheelchairs or other mobility equipment, as it provides them with increased mobility freedom. The issues presented by stairs and escalators often found in public spaces such as malls and office buildings will be mitigated. The elevator will smoothly glide them to their desired floor safely and comfortably. 
  • Safety and security: When buildings do not provide accessibility options, individuals with wheelchairs or other mobility equipment may be put in a dangerous situation. Many buildings offer options to access buildings but fail to plan ahead for emergency scenarios, where everyone needs to evacuate as quickly as possible. With the implementation of a wheelchair lift, all building occupants will feel secure knowing that their personal safety won’t be at risk. Many wheelchair lifts also offer extra features for added safety and security, such as sensory alarms to give out warnings and seat belts for added protection. 
  • Reliable and easy to operate: Lifts are powered by hydraulics and are operated by simply pushing a button. Many models come with a self-lowering folding ramp for easy entry and exit, and come with backup batteries to ensure they continue to operate during an emergency such as a power outage. 


 Genesis Lift Products Garaventa Lifts

  • Genesis Enclosure: This model features a vertical platform wheelchair lift that can provide access to up to 4343 mm. An easy and cost-effective solution for private residences or public buildings. The Genesis Enclosure has a lifting capacity of 340 kg (750 lbs) and it’s suitable for indoor or outdoor installations. This option does not require a shaft construction and has no exposed fasteners.photo of genesis enclosure wheelchair lift inside public building
  • Genesis Shaftway: This model is similar to the Genesis Enclosure, as it features the same cargo capacity as the Genesis enclosure (340 kg or 750 lbs). The biggest difference is found in its design. The Shaftway model is designed to fit the lift components within a pre-existing shaftway.Photo of Garaventa Genesis shaftway lift inside public building
  • Genesis Staage: This option provides a safe, simple, and cost-effective solution for accessing low-rise vertical barriers such as stages or podiums. When a wheelchair lift is not needed, you can easily wheel it out of sight.
    Photo of Garaventa genesis staage inside building

About Garaventa Lift

Garaventa Lift is a company from Switzerland that manufactures home elevators, wheelchair lifts, & LULA elevators. They have been serving Canada since 1974.

Thirty-five years ago, Garaventa Lift manufactured one product from a factory near Vancouver, BC. Now, it operates five factories worldwide with eight retail branch operations in North America. In areas where they do not have retail operations, they utilize independent factory-trained and authorized representatives to provide retail services.

Some notable installations of Garaventa Lift in North America are the Pier 7 Restaurant (North Vancouver, BC), Seattle Space Needle, Macy’s Times Square in NYC, and most notably and locally familiar, Polo Park Mall (Winnipeg, MB).


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